Prefabricated Construction Vs. On Site Construction
Posted on: October 20, 2018, by : admin
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On site construction is the traditional way of constructing a building, wherein workers and raw material are collected at the site of the building. The workers slowly use the raw materials and give shape to the building.

Prefabricated construction on the other hand refers to when parts of the building/ structure are manufactured in a plant, away from actual building site. These parts are then assembled on site to form the required structure. While traditional construction methods have been the base of Indian construction industry for long, prefabrication is becoming increasingly popular. Many prefabricated buildings in Gujarat and other parts of the nation can be seen taking shape.

Here is a comparative analysis of both these construction methods to access their pros and cons:


One important point of comparison is transportation. In prefabricated buildings there is a need to transport prebuilt parts from the building plant to the actual site of the building. This implies that the size of the pre-constructed parts has to be limited according to the ease of transportation. This requirement is however absent n case of onsite construction projects. Many labor colonies manufacturer in Gujarat/ India are however opting for prefab structures.


Weather is an important environmental aspect to consider when beginning a construction project. Onsite constructions are affected by weather which may cause delays and also affect the quality of construction. Prefab construction on the other hand is not bound by weather changes as it is done behind closed walls of a plant. One great example of prefab structures is porta cabins in Gujarat.


Another important point of comparison between the two construction types is the cost involved in them. There are many ways in which onsite construction is much more expensive than prefabricated construction. For example, prefabrication uses low costing materials such as PUF insulated panels in Gujarat, that drive the cost down.

Working Conditions:

Since the construction plant for prefabricated construction is closed and bounded, it offers a more secure environment to the workers. Better working conditions in comparison to on site construction, has rendered prefab building a preferred method wherever possible. Portable site office cabin in Gujarat are being built with the use of prefabrication method.


There are two side of this factor. One is that in case of onsite construction, the builder/ owner has the option to alter the plan as and when needed after looking at present progress. But in case of prefabrication this is not possible. In this way prefabrication might be a tad bit inconvenient for those who can’t commit to the design in advance. The second side is that prefabrication helps builder skip the hassles of onsite construction.



With the need for low cost housing in Gujarat and all parts of the nation, prefabricated construction is a rising trend. While both the construction processes have their own set of pros and cons, there are many instances where prefabrication is a preferred method. There is no denying that builders and developer are opting for prefabrication in construction industry wherever and whenever possible.