Peb building design

Value Engineering, Total Quality Management, Expertise in Pre-Engineered Structures and Sola
Infrastructure; make Satec Envir Engineering a turnkey solutions provider in the infrastructure space.

As the next generation Infrastructure Company, Satec is committed to providing clean, low cost and sustainable energy solutions. To that end, Satec provides comprehensive EPC solutions in the Solar Power Space. Satec also provides pre-fabricated solar structures, inverter rooms and transmission towers.

Exceptional Customer Focus and Superior Quality of products are the reason that large companies like Essar, GIPCL, SunEdison, L&T and Lanco trust us to execute their groundbreaking projects in the Solar Energy space.

Satec has also established itself as a key player in the Portable Cabins industry by executing a variety of landmark projects for companies such as Essar, Jindal, Monnet Ispat and Sterlite, to name a few.

Satec’s Portable Cabins are the intelligent, cost-effective and efficient solution to site offices and residences. Designed and customised with care and made from superior quality materials, these portable cabins are built to last.

Whether it is manufacturing Pre-Engineered Structures, Portable cabins, Site offices or Low cost residential colonies, the brand Satec has become synonymous with innovation and excellence.

Satec provides all-inclusive, design to build solutions for Pre-Engineered Structures. Our design solutions not only make the project, time and cost efficient, they also ensure that the structures provide a minimum life service of 50 years.

Whether it is portable housing or pre-engineered warehouses, Satec assures quality and also provides a high degree of customisation on each project.

Satec is forever looking to provide innovative solutions for the infrastructure industry and has therefore widened its service portfolio to include Telecom and transmission Towers. Satec has partnered with Ramboll (Denmark) for the design of tubular telecom towers and currently supplies tubular and angular telecom towers extensively in the Indian and African Sub-continent.

Innovation and Quality Execution require extensive infrastructure. Satec has established a state-of-art manufacturing facility at Bhuj, Gujurat with over 150 dedicated professionals to deliver on its quality guarantee.

Vision Statement

Vision is to be the most trusted organization, providing high quality and customer satisfaction in global infrastructure market.
Mission Statement

To provide most cost effective and high quality infrastructure solutions.

Innovate and integrate best practices to offer a product which is nothing less than best
in the global infrastructure market.

Why Satec PEB?

Satec’s commitment to excellence makes it India’s leading choice for manufacturing and installing pre- engineered buildings. Pre- Engineered Buildings are an efficient and economical solution to modern infrastructure needs.

These steel buildings can be customized as per requirements offering design flexibility and durability. Lighter than conventional steel buildings, Pre-Engineered Buildings offer potential price savings in structural framework.

Pre-Engineered Buildings offer huge savings in time, as not only can they be constructed faster than conventional buildings, standardization of PEB has led to significant reduction of design time.

These structures employ low weight flexible frames affording them higher resistance to seismic activities. Maintenance free exteriors, ability to withstand extreme weather conditions are some of the advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings. These expandable structures can also be easily dismantled and relocated.

From warehouse, factories and aircraft hangars to cold storage, stadiums and supermarkets, these highly durable structures can be used for both industrial and commercial operations.

Satec’s state-of-art manufacturing plant ensures that our Pre-Engineered Buildings are made using superior quality products. From using patented manufacturing technology to use of hydraulic, precision machines, Satec guarantees incomparable quality and safety.

Automatic Gantry type welding machine
(middle control)

Our company covers about 1,40,000 square feets. Equipped with various advanced imported equipments for steel structure manufacture, we ensure high production capability and professional solution for our customers. Scientific production management system enables our products to have excellent performance and keep pace with steel structure development in the world. We have automatic gantry type welding machine, CNC/ multiple tips cutting machine, H-beam hydraulic machine & Steel flange straightening

CNC/multiple tips cutting machine

Modern CNC plasma equipment is capable of multi-axis cutting of thick material, allowing opportunities for complex welding seams that are not possible otherwise.

For thinner material, plasma cutting is being progressively replaced by laser cutting, due mainly to the laser cutter’s superior hole-cutting abilities.

H beam hydraulic welding machine

H Type Steel Flange Straightening Machine

The Main Frames (H Beams, Slant Beams & Box Beams)

Satec’s main frames are value engineered to provide the most design flexibility and durability. Satec employs a combination of H beams, Slant Beams and Box Beams to provide a reliable and stable structure

H Beams

H / I Beams are globally preferred for large constructions due to their superior load bearing capacity. These light weight beams have superior strength and durability and are low-cost, making them ideal for primary structures.

These beams can also be shot-blasted and painted for aesthetic appeal.

H Beams are ideal for multi-storey buildings, bridges and flyovers as they are light weight and have advanced resistance to side-force

H Beams can also be used for rail projects, power plants, refineries, airports and industrial sheds.
Different Beams

Slant Beams

Beam elevation takes precedence when a beam mid-joins to a column. If the slanted column is moved, the join position will adjust to maintain the beam elevation

Plus/Cross Beams

• Maximum weight per section can be 35 tons

• Maximum size per column can be 1200 x 1200mm

• Range of plate thickness can be 6mm to 60mm


• Flange width can be maximum of 1200mm

• Length upto 12 meters without welding joint

Box Beams

Box beams are tubular beams with enclosed walls. Box beams while heavier than H beams have superior torsion and load bearing capacity

Box beams are ideal for bridges as presence of two webs allows for wider flanges and hence wider spans.

Secondary Framing (C and Z Purlins)


pre engineered buildings,
pre engineered buildings,

C and Z Purlins are the steel structures used in secondary framing of Pre-Engineered Buildings. These purlins help support roof and wall sheeting and transfer load to the primary structure.

With improved height to weight ratio, these purlins are low in cost. Stronger, lighter and easy to install are some of the advantages of C and Z purlins.

These purlins allow for overlapping and can be used for wider spans making it ideal for large sized roofing projects like for, workshops, factory sheds, godowns and other industrial sheds.

Technical Specification for C Purlin

Material – cold rolled coil, hot rolled coil, galvanized coil
Thickness – 1.0-3.0mm
Width – 80-300 mm
Flange – 30-80mm
Lip – 10-20mm

Technical Specification for Z Purlin

Materia – cold rolled coil, hot rolled coil, galvanized coil
Thickness – 1.0-3.0mm
Width – 100-300 mm
Flange – 30-80mm
Lip – 10-20mm

C Section


Z Section


We have expertise in following structures :

Factory Buildings Commercial Buildings Industrial Buildings

Ridge ventilator



Roof purlin system

Steel Staircase

Roofing compound-board system


Bracing rod

Support Columns

Wall Girth system

Strength of Satec PEB is:

High quality assurance and quality management as per ISO 9001:2008

Clear spans up to 100 m with internal columns

Crystallized work flow

Fixed deadlines and costs

Complete customization of products

Highly efficient professional team for installation and product handling














Clear Span Multi-Span 1




Multi-Span 3


Multi-Span 2

Roofing sheets
Advantages of Pre Engineered buildings

Pre-Engineered building

Pre engineering buildings are steel structures that can be tailor made as per customer’s requirement. These buildings have a flexible design and they can be easy expanded
Pre engineered buildings technique is useful for both industrial and commercial buildings

Pre engineered buildings are being used for building warehouses, factories, aircraft hangers, cold storage. Stadium , high rise buildings

1) Pre-Engineered buildings can be erected quickly and standardization of PEB has significantly reduces design time.

2) Simple design, easy to construct and light weight as compared to conventional building material.

Advantages of Peb structure

3) Pre engineered buildings are easily expandable.

4) Cost effective as step by step cost of building the structure is know and the project remains transparent

5) Reduced construction time as compared to conventional buildings

6) Quality is assured as these structures are manufactured in controlled conditions and the quality is assured.

7) Low weight flexible frames offer higher resistance to seismic forces

Peb building design


pre engineered buildings,
pre engineered buildings,