Lightweight concrete in the Fast paced Construction Industry
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How Relevant is Lightweight concrete in the Fast paced Construction Industry?


Lightweight concrete (LWC), the name says it all. It has been playing a significant role in the construction arena. This earthquake proofing concrete can either originate from natural resources like volcanic pumice or manufactured using by-products.

When it is made of a lightweight porous aggregate, it is called lightweight aggregate concrete. It is also manufactured by placing large voids within the concrete and is known as aerated.

AAC- Autoclaved aerated concrete:


  • This building material was introduced in the mid-1920s and is now utilised in construction across various continents and climatic conditions.
  • AAC is moulded into blocks, panels, roof panels and is also used for cladding.
  • Autoclaved lightweight concrete is thermal efficiency and withstands high-temperature variations.

AAC Panels

  • Panels made of AAC are mainly used for roofs, floors, and walls. Manufactured with raw materials such as cement, lime, and silica, and steel mesh, these lightweight panels have high durability.
  • Throughout the manufacturing process, i.e. until the waste disposal, AAC panel making has a low impact on the environment.
  • Since the panels are moulded in a high temperature and pressure autoclave, they possess high compressive strength.
  • AAC Panels are economical. They provide a rigid structure, insulation, and fire resistance.
  • The aerated concrete panels are earthquake proof and also repel common house pests.

AAC Panels India

  • As the Indian government is trying to provide economical houses to the citizens, AAC panels can be handy.
  • These readymade panels are gaining popularity as they can be used in the construction right after purchasing them.
  • The cellular concrete panels are available in India and the manufacturers growing every year.

Mepcrete AAC Panels: Branches are located in various cities of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

  • Mepcrete manufactures AAC panels which can be used in the construction of walls, floors, and roofs.
  • Their AAC floor panels have high endurance and thermal absorption properties.
  • Being lightweight, Mepcrete AAC floor panels are easy to install in the construction site.
  • The wall panels manufactured by Mepcrete are dimensionally accurate, thanks to their steel reinforcement wires.
  • Their AAC wall panels promise good thermal insulation.
  • Unlike other roof panels, AAC roof panels constructed by Mepcrete have reduced thermal transference.

Satec Envir Engineering (India) Private Limited: Mumbai

  • It is one of the noteworthy establishments in the construction industry when it comes to manufacturing of AAC panels.
  • They provide AAC readymade panels which can be utilised for exterior wall, interior wall, flooring, roofing, cladding, and fencing.
  • Also, Satec Envir ltd ensures a clean, polished and sophisticated look of the panels.


AAC panels are new to the construction industry in India though they encompass a large percentage of construction in other countries. This cellular concrete is an industrial revolution as thin-set mortar is used in its making process as opposed to the traditional cement-based mortar.

Lightweight concrete panels:

  • With substantially lower weight than that of traditionally made concrete, lightweight concrete panels are increasingly becoming a demand in construction.
  • These panels are made using coarse lightweight aggregates. These aggregates are expanded shale, clay or slate materials which when subjected to heat, develop into a porous structure.
  • Lightweight concrete panels can be used for building walls, roofing, flooring, internal partitions. Some companies provide these panels as the material for prefabricated and relocatable buildings.

Bygone are the days when construction meant heavy materials and harm to the environment. Having many efficient manufacturers in every major city, construction is now done with lesser effort. With AAC panels and lightweight concrete, the industry is set to make construction earth-friendly.

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