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With New Age Panelling, Installation of Solar Panels Gets Easier

Using renewable energy is the need of the hour. Be it using the quintessential wind energy sources or solar energy, residential and commercial complexes have been making use of it over and over again. The techniques have not only gained popularity but also ensured that the energy is conserved in a better way.



rock wool suppliers
rock wool suppliers

How Do Solar Panels Help You?

Residential Solar panels or PV modules are one of the most common ways to harness solar energy. Using simple principles of the photo-electric effect, these have changed the way the world understands the impact of solar energy. It can generate sufficient energy to power a complete complex which is remarkable. A PV module installation may require an array of solar panels which make it efficient and efficacious. Coupling it up batteries, solar modules, inverters,and the likes only make it one power-packed deal which could help you save power by a good factor.

How Do These Installations Work?

Residential Solar Panel can be challenging to install, but it is not impossible. This can be extended to commercial complexes. You can get in touch with the leading restaurant designers in Mumbai who can layout a solid plan such that you have an extensive solar power system installation in place without compromising on the space or value. It could be optimising the rooftop such that you can have a great seating and a total power back up which is one of a kind.

TemperatureControlled Features with New Age Insulating Material

Similarly, rock wool can be used to enhance the temperature controlling scenario. Rock wool is a great insulation material which is helpful in reducing energy use when used in the household or even commercial complexes. Given that fiberglass is a great alternative, businesses keep going back to rock wool suppliers and the material for its ease of usage. It serves a dual purpose of keeping you warm during the cold season and cool during the warm season. As a result, it is heavily in demand by the industry which uses it.

Protect the Installation with Eco-Friendly and Affordable Alternatives

Ideally to protect these PV module installations builders and designers recommend using roofing sheets. Now, there is no dearth of roofing sheet manufacturers. But choosing the right ones can be an uphill task. You could have a legitimate roof sheeting supplier in mind, but if the services are not top-notch, it can get challenging. You could choose a cutting on-site dealer who fixes it for you on the spot. Other than that you can pick out installation panels which have pre-built modules such that it fits the property well.

Wrapping It Up

Service providers do not hesitate from providing solutions which can be built from the ground up after understanding the concerned property.Be it taking help of roof sheeting suppliers or getting hold of the rock wool supplier, it is easier when you have a complete conglomerate working for you on a huge scale. Not only does this expedite the process, but also enhances effectiveness at an affordable price.


How Can Indian Auto Component Manufacturers aim higher?

Z Purlin
Z Purlin

With the advent of novel business models and the application of technology, the automotive industry in India is on the verge of transformation. With different government regulations, other developments in the infrastructure and several technological advancements, the logistics of the industry and the public mobility is likely to witness changes. This article discusses the probable strategies the auto manufacturers can embrace to survive changes and move towards bigger markets.

Currently,auto component manufacturers in India contribute 25.6% of India’s manufacturing GDP. By 2026, the auto component industry is expected to reach 200 billion US dollars.With, the government looking to increase the share of the manufacturing sector, the future seems bright if the current challenges are handled pragmatically.

What Kind of Strategy needs to be applied?

The following are a few pointers on how to work towards a profitable win.

  1. Try to seal the skill gaps

Currently, the auto component manufacturing industry is dominated by ICE technologyand the major innovations in this industry have been a part of this technology. With major electrification and digitalization, the workforce should look towards honing new skills. Be it the manufacture of colour coated roofing sheet or a company that is into the manufacture of the clutch guard, an integrated approach should be adopted that focuses on knowledge sharing and technology generation. Auto manufacturing companies should, therefore, focus on creating a talent pool that completely understands the technology and work as per customer perceptions.

  1. Improve Capabilities

The future of the component manufacture market is going to be completely different from what it is now. As the industry gets more advanced, the various suppliers be it c purlin suppliers or container suppliers, should take a position in the industry that will define the operations.

The manufacturers, on the other hand, will have to either choose to shift their offerings to EV portfolio in a gradual manner or choose to diversify into new product offerings. A few examples of these offerings are fleet management, charging infrastructure etc. Container manufacturers and other component manufacturers can choose to shift from ICE to EV portfolio. Manufacturing units should also focus on developing the associated software and hardware and their integration into the business.

  • Plan to increase the footprint globally

India has invested in huge deals with world leaders to gain knowledge and access across three prime areas namely electronics technology, electric and autonomous domain, and vehicle and infrastructure interface technology. This suggests that it is time for auto component manufacturers to explore international markets. C purlin manufacturers and producers of other auto parts can focus on pacts with global players.

Focus on Quality

Auto components manufacturers in India, be it manufacturers of engineered steel buildings should focus on building the right kind of expertise that can give the workforce confidence. Understanding the industry requirements is crucial and at the same time, there should be a focus on consistent maintenance of quality and cost.

The component manufacturers should also be open to adapt and invest in research and development. Another key to surviving the transformation is by shortening the time taken to market.


Low cost housing with modern amenities


The new age infrastructure industry believes in environment-friendly infrastructure solutions and this is where efficient energy solutions, portable or low cost housing, and mobile toilets play their parts.


Low cost housing
Low cost housing

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Energy solutions are keys to providing uninterrupted power supplies for all the construction and energy needs of a office, housing complex/community or industry. With rising fuel costs and environmental impacts, harnessing sustainable energy sources have become the choice of many progressive companies for industries, low cost housing as well as luxury homes.

But installation of supporting solar energy infrastructure is not an easy task. Technologically sound infrastructure engineering provides prefabricated solar mounting structures, EPC solutions, transmission towers and inverter/control rooms. Apart from generating low-cost power for industries, it is also serving the power needs of labour colonies.

Portable Infrastructures

Portable housing and offices are innovative developments in the infrastructure science.  Not only do they save space, they are cost efficient, movable and easy to assemble.  Such solutions are widely used as a part of designing a luxury house in Mumbai. It also addresses the issue of providing living spaces for economically backward sections of society.

For onsite projects, labour housing is a big problem. This can be solved by the construction of low-costlabour colonies which make the use of pre-fabricated structures. This is also widely implemented to provide sanitation solutions with the help of mobile toilet manufacturers.

Steel Structuring

Structural engineering depends heavily on the use of metals. Metal beams/rods and structures provide the skeletal support on which the entire structure is dependent. With the advent of technological advancements in the field of transmission, I beam suppliers have been in great demand for the construction of telecom towers and transmission towers.

I beam suppliers provide the metal components required for construction of self- supporting tubular towers and angular towers. These towers can either be ground-based or rooftop based. Transmission towers are manufactured to be able to transmit 66 kV to 765 kV of electricity while towering at heights up to 100 meters. The process includes designing, galvanizing of metal, the supply of Lattice Transmission towers and transmission line erection.Transmission of cellular signal and electricity require additional structures like shelters which are used for the safe housing of expensive and sensitive equipment. This completes the entire manufacturing, designing and installation process of self-supporting tower structures.

Providing Holistic Solutions

The pre-fabrication industry has revolutionized the infrastructure of the nation. Features like quick assembly and low costing have made these solutions omnipresent. Low cost housing and other portable structures have enhanced they reachability and improved quality of lives for many. It also has a very positive impact on the environment by using recyclable components and providing green energy. Apart from being portable cabins/ mobile toilet suppliers, these solution providers also manufacture and install steel structures for energy and telecom needs.

It is fascinating that such scientific yet cost-efficient solutions can provide sustainability along with effectiveness and durability.

Portable Containers- Designed for Convenience

portable office container
portable office container

Portable containers or porta cabins are portable, mountable, transportable structures designed to be moved rather than permanently located. They are different from modular buildings as these are used temporarily and then taken away. Portable buildings have several applications. There are portable houses, portable office cabins, portable toilets and many more. The following are the advantages of Porta Cabins:

They are environment-friendly, easy to customize, install and quickly constructed.

Prefabricated professional design as per customer’s requirement.

They are fire-proof and have fewer pollutants.

They have a good lifespan of more than 10 years.

Portable Container House

In the modern times, everyone needs agility and flexibility. A portable container house serves people who are on the move but need decent living spaces. The advantage of portable homes is that they can be assembled off-site, loaded on a truck and delivered to any remote corner of the world. There are many variations of portable homes. They are available in different sizes and are made from solid PVC material. They can be easily set-up, dismantled and re-fixed. Portable homes are economical as there is no expenditure of on-site construction work.

Portable Office Cabin

A portable office container or a portacabin is used as offices when construction of permanent office is not feasible due to reasons like non-availability of raw materials, space constraints and so on. Portable office cabins offer independence of choice in size, variety, design, color and so on.

A porta cabin office can be customized for a single person or even 4-5 people. The following are the benefits of using a portable office cabin:

You get to design and choose the ambiance of your liking.

The workplace is economical.

Since the business place is affordable, the finances can be put towards other areas of business.

It offers the look and feel of a genuine office where meetings can be held.

Portable office cabins have good sanitation facilities and all essential amenities.

Portable Toilets

A portable toilet is a mobile toilet that can be easily moved. They are useful in places like outdoor events, festivals, fairs or a building site. They are not connected to any hole or a tank.

The main component of a portable toilet is lightweight sheet plastic like polyethylene. They are a recent invention compared to regular toilets.

There are many portable toilet manufacturers in India who offer easy installation and excellent quality. They are built to be strong and long-lasting.

These portable toilets are found in offices, mobile homes, corporate places and so on. To cater to each client and the requirements, these portable toilets are manufactured in various sizes and specifications.

The above portable cabins and pre-engineered building manufacturers manufactures are picking up in India for their unique features. They are flexible, mobile, customizable, have a goodambiance, designed aesthetically and are easy to assemble. Building houses and offices of their own maybe the life-long dream of many. Thanks to Porta Cabins, they can get it done in minutes, at minimum cost. Porta Cabins are flexible and can be customized to serve as porta cabin office spaces, portable container house, portable toilet units and other accommodation.


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Prefabricated Homes for Modern Living

PEB Structure Design
PEB Structure Design

Prefabricated homes or prefab homes refers to those homes that are built in parts in a building facility and moved to the home site for assembling. Prefabricated refers to structures built in components, modules and transportable parts.

Types of Prefab Homes

There are three types of modern prefab homes:

Modular Homes

Modular prefabricated homes are built in a climate-controlled environment in modules or sections and later transported to the site for installation. Here they are permanently installed by professional installers. The advantages of modular homes are:

They can reduce the timeof construction by over 35% and you can get into your new home faster. While site-built homes take weeks to finish, modular homes only take about a week to put together.

Modular homes are very economical when compared to other types. Because there is no cost of interim financing of construction, modular construction can be completed in lesser cost than on-site construction. Modular homes offer excellent value for money.

Manufactured Homes

Also known as mobile homes, these manufactured homes are available in 3 sizes, double wide,single wide, and triple wide. They are usually built on steel beams and transported in sections to the site of assembly.

Mobile Homes

The mobile home is a prefabricated home built on chassis built in a factory. Mobile homes also called trailers are built on wheels and can be pulled by another vehicle. They are used on holidays and as temporary accommodation.

Module Mounting Structure

mounting structure is key to the effective working of solar power plants. An EPC contractor is responsible for proper module mounting structure management. Solar projects in India have adopted module mounting structures made of galvanized iron and aluminum. Some projects have adopted a combination of steel and aluminum as well for the mounting structures. The components of module mounting structures are:

  • Vertical posts and rails
  • Horizontal rails
  • Mounting clips
  • Tilt bracket
  • Cable tray

The selection of the module mounting structure depends on depends on site conditions like weather, rainfall, wind,and temperature. The design of the structure must last the entire lifetime of the solar project which is typically about 25 years.

PEB structure design

Pre-Engineered Buildings(PEB) are constructed at a factory and assembled at the site. PEB’s are generally steel structures factored to exact size and transported to the site of assembly. This structural design is usually implemented in warehouses, metro stations,and industrial buildings. The PEB structure design is based on the economy and easy fabrication. PEB structures consist of a primary frame, secondary structural elements, roof and wall panels, sandwich panels and other accessories.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Porta Cabin, short for portable cabins are self-contained, stand-alone buildings that are manufactured in the factory. They are ready to be delivered in one piece to the site for quick installation usually done in a day. Porta cabin manufacturers throughout India offer a wide range of portable buildings of various sizes. These buildings are ideal for use as a classroom, offices, labs, storage places and so on. Portacabins are customizable for a decent price.

Portable Office Container

When you require office space at the job site, that can be set up fast but does not compromise on durability or comfort, portable container office is the right choice. They offer convenient workspaces that can be set up fast, are tough and affordable.

Like the west, modern prefab homes and portable cabins are picking up in the Indian construction scene as well due to their simple design, modern architecture and value for money. Customers can choose a porta cabin manufacturer to build a dream mobile structure of their choice.